Dragon well tea, also known as longjing tea, is one of the most luxurious and exotic varieties of green tea you can drink. It’s processed by hand and is one of China’s most famous teas.

Why Is It Called Dragonwell Tea?

One legend explaining the name is related to a well in the region where peasants would pray to the dragon for rain.

Longjing tea is the exact same tea as dragonwell tea.  As a matter of fact, dragon well is the literal translation of longjing.

Is Dragon Well Tea The Same as Longjing Tea?

What Is Dragon Well Tea Good For?

– Cancer-fighting antioxidants – Mood and focus boost – Increased energy – Weight loss

What Does Dragon Well Tea Taste Like?

Dragon well tea is also prized for its delicious flavor. Pan-roasting the green tea after picking it helps preserve and deepen its vegetal notes.

– Color and appearance – Fragrance and taste

Authentic vs. Fake Dragonwell Teas

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