Fair trade tea is a way of making sure tea plantation workers and small farmers are paid fairly for their labor.

Where Does Fair-Trade Tea Come From?

Even though fair-trade tea is produced in many countries, over sixty-four percent of fair-trade tea production in the world comes from Kenya.

– Fair trade black tea – Fair trade chai tea – Fair trade Earl Grey tea – Fair trade green tea – Fair trade Assam tea – Fair trade herbal tea

Where Can You Find Fair Trade Tea Brands?

Why Is Fair-Trade Tea Important?

From a human rights standpoint, fair-trade tea is important because it helps protect third-world agricultural workers and independent farmers.

How Do Fair Trade Regulations Protect Farmers?

- Guaranteed production cost - Fair-trade premiums - Climate change preparation

Buying fair trade tea is a much fairer way of reimbursing small farmers than buying mass-produced corporate tea and putting them out of business.

Is Fair-Trade Tea Really Fair?

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