What Is Genmaicha?

Even though genmaicha is now popular across all demographics in Japan, this green tea mixed with puffed rice was originally created for poorer Japanese people in medieval Japan.

Is Genmaicha the Same as Matcha?

Genmaicha is different from matcha because of toasted rice, which gives it a different aroma, flavor, and appearance.

– Healthy antioxidants – Lower blood pressure – Improved mood and relaxation

Benefits of Genmaicha Tea

Side Effects of Genmaicha

– Indigestion and nausea – Insomnia – Irritability

Toasted rice gives genmaicha a nutty, full-bodied flavor very different from other green tea types.

What Does Genmaicha Taste Like?

Genmaicha is popular in Japan across all members of Japanese society, but this tea originally gained its popularity as a meal stretcher for the poor masses.

Is Genmaicha Popular in Japan?

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