Gyokuro can be a little more costly than the sencha green tea normally seen in grocery stores. Keep reading to learn more about this specialty green tea variety and what makes it so unique.

Gyokuro tea, also known as “jade dew” tea, is only one of several different varieties of green tea that are grown in Japan and enjoyed around the world.

What Is Gyokuro Tea?

How Is Gyokuro Tea Grown?

Shaded teas are green tea varieties that are covered up for several days or weeks right before harvest in order to darken the tea’s color.

Is Gyokuro Tea Expensive?

There are several reasons why gyokuro green tea is more expensive than other styles:

– Limited production – Long shading period – Reputation

Once it is brewed, the liquor infused from gyokuro tea is a bright yellow-green, translucent color.

What Color Is Gyokuro Tea?

What Does Gyokuro Tea Taste Like?

This green tea variety has flavor notes ranging from grass and seaweed to a vegetal sweetness.

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