Hōjicha tea is a special green tea that has been roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal embers. The tea is roasted at a low enough temperature that the tea avoids oxidation.

Where Does Hōjicha Tea Come From?

Hōjicha tea originated on the island of Japan, specifically in the town of Kyoto. The idea to lightly roast tea to preserve it occurred to a Kyoto tea merchant.

Hōjicha tea has a nutty, almost sweet flavor with no hints of bitterness or astringency that you might find in other green teas.

What Does Hōjicha Tea Taste Like?

Is Hōjicha Tea the Same as Matcha Tea?

Hōjicha tea and matcha tea both come from the same plant. But due to the way they’re processed, they end up looking and tasting nothing like each other.

The benefits of drinking hōjicha tea are the same benefits you’d get from drinking any green tea, which is one of the healthiest teas you can drink.

Benefits of Hōjicha Tea

Hōjicha offers all of the health benefits of traditional green tea while also offering up some of the roasted flavor found in oxidized or black teas.

Hōjicha Tea Is a Delicious Invention

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