Kabusecha might look like typical green tea at first glance, but there are several special traits it has that make this deep green tea special.

Kabusecha is harvested almost exclusively as a first flush tea to help preserve the delicate flavors imbued in the leaves from its shaded growing time.

Kabusecha as a First Flush Tea

How Is Kabusecha Tea Grown?

The tea plants were originally covered in late winter or early spring to help protect them from killing frost that would damage the tea plants.

Why Is Kabusecha Expensive?

There are a few reasons for this high value:

– Hand-plucking – Shade growth – Marketing

Kabusecha tea brews to a greenish-yellow shade, while sencha tea brews to a yellowish color instead.

How Is Kabusecha Different From Sencha Tea?

Health Benefits of Kabusecha Tea

– Anxiety and stress relief – Increase in focus and concentration – Improved immune function – Lowered blood pressure

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