Pine needle tea is a foraged tea brewed from the fresh needles of a pine tree, traditionally Manchurian red pine.

Pine needle tea is a type of tisane created by steeping fresh cut pine needles in boiling or very hot water until the nutritional essence of the needles is brewed into the water.

It was popularized for drinking in Korea, where this tea is known as solip-cha.

Where Does Pine Needle Tea Come From?

Which Pine Needles Should You Use for Pine Needle Tea?

The best types of pine for making pine needle tea are: – Manchurian red pine – Eastern white pine

Which Pine Needles Should You Avoid for Making Pine Needle Tea?

Toxic pine trees to avoid for pine needle tea include the following: – Ponderosa pine – Cypress – English yew – Norfolk island pine

Benefits of Pine Needle Tea

– Rich in vitamins and nutrients – Expectorant effects – Immune system boost

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