Tea is a great drink for relaxing and enjoying a moment of quiet, but did you know there are also types of tea that are designed to enhance your health? Read on to learn more about probiotic tea.

Unlike black teas and herbal teas, probiotic tea is drunk specifically to help encourage healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Probiotic Tea Is a Digestive Aid

What Do Probiotic Teas Do?

Probiotics work by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria and yeasts in your digestive system, helping to combat the build-up of harmful gut bacteria.

How Often Should You Drink Probiotic Teas?

The Center for Disease Control says that you can safely drink four ounces of probiotic tea between one and three times a day.

The best time to drink probiotic tea is on an empty stomach, because this allows the beneficial bacteria direct access to your gut flora.

What Is the Best Time to Drink Probiotic Tea?

It’s definitely safe to drink probiotic tea every day as long as you don’t have any medical conditions where probiotics are avoided.

Is It Safe to Drink Probiotic Teas Every Day?

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