Tea might be an iconic part of Britain’s culture, but it’s also a huge part of the culture in Russia. Russians have been drinking tea for its warming and medicinal properties for centuries.

Russian tea is a large part of Russia’s social culture and is prepared from strongly-steeped black tea leaves. Russians sweeten their tea by sucking it through a sugar cube or a spoon of preserves.

Russian tea, also known as “zavarka” is prepared somewhat like tea in the rest of Europe, with a few key differences.

What Is Russian Tea Made Of?

What Is the Difference Between Russian and English Tea?

- Russian tea is served in glasses. - Russian tea isn’t usually served with milk or cream. - Russians leave their teaspoons in their mugs.

What Is a Samovar?

The samovar is the most notable difference in how tea is prepared in Russia versus how it is prepared elsewhere.

Most people might think of Britain when they think of tea, but tea has always been a huge part of Russian culture throughout the eighteenth century and beyond.

Russian Tea Is a Time-Honored Tradition

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