Sage is a common woodland herb that is used in cooking and cosmetics. This soft grayish-green perennial plant is also useful when brewed in tea for its medicinal properties.

Sage tea is a tisane made from the leaves of the sage plant. Of the different herbs commonly grown in the tea garden, sage is one of the easiest teas to grow yourself.

What Is Sage Tea?

Because sage contains the essential oils camphor and thujone, sage tea has a strong piney flavor that some tea drinkers may find too strong or bitter.

What Does Sage Tea Taste Like?

Since sage is a perennial herb, growing a patch of it for tea means that you’ll have fresh sage year after year.

-Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties -Skin care and wound healing -Blood sugar control -Improved cognitive function -Reduction in hot flashes

Is Drinking Sage Tea Good for You?

What Are the Side Effects of Sage Tea?

– Mild digestive upset – Mental agitation – Wheezing or shortness of breath – Skin rash or hives

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