Sencha tea may not be as commonly known as matcha, but it’s just as important in tea culture. Read on to learn more about the qualities of sencha tea and how to serve it properly.

Sencha tea was introduced to medieval Japan in the 15th century by visiting Buddhist monks from China.

History of Sencha Tea

Types of Sencha Tea

Here are the main categories of sencha:

– Shincha – Kabusecha – Gyokuro

How is Sencha Different Than Matcha?

While sencha tea is served with the leaves crushed and crumpled into small pieces, matcha tea is served as a fine green powder stirred into hot water.

Like other types of green tea, sencha tea is used in drinks, cooking, and cosmetics.

How Is Sencha Tea Used?

– Weight loss – Skin care – Antioxidants

Health Benefits of Sencha Tea

Here are some of the ways drinking sencha tea can improve your well-being:

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