When you learn about green tea varieties, one variety you might come across is shincha tea. This tea is prized for its intense grassy flavor and high nutritional value.

Temomi is a specific style of shincha where the new tea leaves are meticulously hand-rolled by temomi artisans.

What Is Temomi Shincha?

History of Shincha Tea

Shincha tea and other green tea varieties, such as sencha and gyokuro, have been around since Japan began mass-producing tea in the early 1700s.

Where Is Shincha Tea Grown?

These are the major regions where you can find Japanese tea plantations that produce shincha:

– Shizuoka – Kagoshima – Mie

Color: This liquor is bright and translucent, with no murkiness or debris. Taste: It has notes of mild astringency and sweetness along with other grassy flavors.

Qualities of Shincha Tea

Is Shincha Tea Expensive?

While this might not seem expensive compared to some other luxury items, this is quite expensive compared to the average cost of sencha that is used for daily drinking.

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