Silver Needle Tea comes from the Fujian Province of China. It is largely considered to be the purest of the white teas from the region, with a light flavor and fruity overtones.

What Does Silver Needle Tea Taste Like?

Depending on how strong it is brewed, it will have a combination of fruity, floral, herbal, and grassy overtones to its taste.

Silver Needle Tea is considered to be a high grade white tea because it is made solely with its buds.

What is the Function of the Buds in Silver Needle Tea?

How Much Caffeine is in Silver Needle Tea?

Silver Needle Tea has one of the highest caffeine content per cup of any white tea being brewed today.

Water slightly below boiling should be used to brew Silver Needle Tea. While many believe that the hot water will harm the small tea buds.

How Should Silver Needle Tea be Brewed?

Silver Needle Tea has even more pure taste and a light flavor profile than white teas are already known for.

How is Silver Needle Tea Different From Other Teas?

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