What Is Tamaryokucha?

Tamaryokucha is a special tea similar to Sencha. Also known as guricha, it is a high-grade green tea mainly grown on the island of Kyushu.

Where is Tamaryokucha Grown?

Though Tamaryokucha is grown all over Japan, it typically comes from Kyushu Island. Known for its rich soil and production techniques.

Tamaryokucha leaves are rolled into a curled shape, while Sencha is rolled into a characteristic needle.

What is the Difference Between Tamaryokucha and Sencha?

How Much Caffeine Is in Tamaryokucha?

Tamaryokucha has an average amount of caffeine for green tea, about 20 to 30 mg, depending on the brew time.

You can expect a cup of tea with a mild, sweet grassy flavor similar to Sencha, with bright, tangy notes and hints of almond.

What Does Tamaryokucha Tea Taste Like?

Tamaryokucha is a rare Japanese green tea that has become appreciated for its simple yet complex flavor profile.

Tamaryokucha is a Rare Type of Green Tea

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