Tiger milk tea is one of the most popular boba teas out there. Despite its fancy presentation, tiger milk tea is easy enough to make yourself at home.


– Tapioca boba pearls – Caramelized brown sugar syrup – Milk

History of Tiger Milk Tea

Tiger milk tea was first introduced in Taiwan by the Taiwanese boba tea company Tiger Sugar. The original recipe for tiger milk tea doesn’t contain any tea at all.

Who Invented Tiger Milk Tea?

Tiger milk tea was invented by the founder of Tiger Sugar, Ming Tsung Tang. The milky drink was first invented as a beverage to serve alongside other sweets.

Step 1

How to Make Tiger Milk Tea

Cook your tapioca boba pearls according to the package instructions.

Add brown sugar syrup to the saucepan of tapioca pearls and stir until the syrup is thick and dark.

Step 2

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