There are many different tea varieties on the market, but one type you might not have heard of is Tuareg tea. This Moroccan treat is sweet, refreshing, and offers a variety of health advantages.

Tuareg tea is a method of preparing green tea with boiling water, spearmint leaves, and sugar.

Where Is Tuareg Tea From?

Tuareg tea is a recipe for making green tea that originated in the Middle East.

How Is Tuareg Tea Grown?

This tea is grown in the rural western provinces of China before being processed and imported to northern Africa for Tuareg-style preparation.

If you grow your own spearmint at home, creating a fresh pot of Tuareg tea is no more expensive than your average pot of green tea.

Is Tuareg Tea Expensive?

Qualities of Tuareg Tea

– Color – Flavor – Preparation

Here are just a few of the traits that make Tuareg tea special:

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