What Is White Peony Tea?

There are many kinds of white tea cultivated around the world, but white peony tea is a particular cultivar of Chinese tea plants grown in the province of Fujian.

What Does White Peony Tea Taste Like?

White peony tastes similar to green tea with a milder, more fruity flavor. This floral-tasting white tea has a naturally sweet flavor.

After being brewed, white peony tea has a translucent, pale golden liquor reminiscent of honey.

What Does White Peony Tea Look Like?

What Does White Peony Tea Smell Like?

Most white peony tea blends have a mixture of floral and fruity aromas. White peony tea contains notes of stone fruit, lemon, and autumn leaves.

White peony tea was named for how the tea leaves and buds unfurl when exposed to boiling hot water, like a blossoming peony.

Why Is White Peony Tea Associated with Peonies?

White peony tea is harvested by the most expert tea pickers in China since it requires a specialized method of hand-picking.

How Is White Peony Tea Harvested?

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