If your tap water is too hard to brew good tea, there are a few different alternatives you can try to improve your tea’s flavor. Read on to learn more about the effect of water pH on tea brewing.

Purified water is considered the best type of water for tea if you’re trying to bring out all the subtle nuances of the tea’s flavor.

Purified Water is the Best Water for Tea

Why Do You Need a Neutral pH for Tea?

When brewing tea, the ideal procedure is to brew it so that the water doesn’t impact the flavor of the tea one way or the other.

Does Tea Taste Better with Filtered Water?

Water that is filtered may filter out a lot of the contaminants that influence the flavor of tea.

Mineral water should not be used to brew tea because this water is naturally hard from the minerals present in it.

Should You Use Mineral Water for Tea?

Distilled water should not be used to brew tea since this water is soft.

Should You Use Distilled Water for Tea?

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