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Chupa Panza Weight Loss Tea: Good as the Reviews Say?

If you’ve been on the internet looking at weight loss supplements, you’ve probably come across Chupa Panza tea reviews. You may be amazed by the claims made about this diet tea.

This detox tea made from made from natural ingredients like pineapple fruit pulp and ginger root seems too good to be true. It’s extremely popular in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries in the Americas.

Before you toss this type of tea in your shopping cart, here’s what you need to know about this natural product and its weight control effects.

What Does Chupa Panza Mean in English?

The word “panza” means belly in Spanish, while “chupar” is a verb meaning “to suck”. So, loosely translated, chupa panza means to “suck belly”, suck in your stomach, or shrink your stomach.

This makes sense because this te chupa panza (tea chupa panza ) purports to shrink fat cells with fat burning ingredients, flush excess toxins and reduce gas bloating of your digestive system.

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Note: Nothing in this article is to be taken as medical advice. Even though this product has a 4.4-star rating from many a satisfied customer on Amazon, it should not be consumed by pregnant women, children, or people with other health conditions without consulting a medical professional. Chupa panza has not been approved as a health supplement by the United States FDA for any of these health claims.

What is Chupa Panza?

Chupa panza is a natural formula supplement that claims to help you lose weight and excess inches by upping your metabolic rate. Because it’s made without harmful chemicals, it’s supposed to be a gentle cleanse that can help you achieve weight loss results and helps in weight management.

Chupa panza’s different products come in a variety of natural detox dietary supplements and topical gels:

  • Herbal blend of chupa panza tea
  • Chupa panza gel
  • Chupa panza capsules

Tea CHUPA Panza, Tea Based ONGINGER Root, PINNEAPPLE, Flaxseed & Cinnamon (30 Tea Bags/0.10 oz Each) - SET OF 2

What is Chupa Panza Tea made from?

This weight loss detoxifying tea is made up of four simple ingredients:

What are the Ingredients of Chupa Panza Gel?

This Chupa Panza fat burning gel is touted as an anti cellulite, toning, and slimming gel. Customer reviews rave that the gel formula can improve your skin by minimizing stretch marks and loose skin associated with weight gain and clear skin.

It’s made to be rubbed into your skin and works by bringing blood to the surface of the skin. This natural gel also is supposed to help you lose water weight by making you sweat. The gel is a unique blend of:

  • ginger
  • ginko biloba
  • L-Carnitine,
  • rue
  • neem,
  • camphor
  • ether
  • eucalyptus
  • rosemary

Chupa Panza Capsule ingredients

These chupa panza pills have many of the same benefits of chupa panza tea and contain:

  • turmeric
  • cayenne pepper
  • ginger
  • moringa
  • green tea
  • artichoke
  • prune
  • L-Carnitine
  • nopal
  • tejocote root.


How does Chupa Panza work?

The makers of this tea claim it’s a next-generation detox tea and one of the best products on the market for rapid weight loss. While that may be an exaggeration, there have been medical studies on the main ingredients which do support at least the basis of these claims.

Chupa panza tea benefits are related to its ingredients and include weight loss, detox, colon cleanse and fat burning.

Here are the main ingredients in each cup of chupa panza tea:


The main active ingredient in chupa panza detox tea is ginger. Ginger has been widely studied and found to be excellent for your digestive system and helpful in regulating body weight.


Cinnamon is another ingredient found in this tea that has widely studied. A recent medical study found that cinnamon daily had a positive effect on blood glucose levels and waist circumference of the test group.


While not tied specifically to detox and weight loss, scholarly studies of pineapple have shown a whole host of positive health benefits. So I wouldn’t be surprised that pineapple detox tea would be tasty as well as effective.

Flax seed:

The final ingredient, flax seed has been shown to be effective at cleansing the colon and burning fat.

Chupa Panza Normal 30 Cap & Gel 100% Natural Capsulas de Jengibre, Reduce Tallas

Is Chupa Panza safe?

As stated previously, nothing in this article is to be taken as medical advice. Chupa panza has not been approved as a health supplement by the United States FDA for any of these health claims. Even though this product has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, it should not be consumed by pregnant women, children, or people with other health conditions without consulting a medical professional.

Side Effects of Chupa Panza

Chupa panza tea side effects are usually minimal, but many critical reviews mention the need to use the bathroom often until you get used to the slimming detox tea effects of the active ingredients. Most adverse effects stem from the specific purpose of this tea as a gentle colon cleanse, which works to get rid of nasty toxins in your digestive tract.

How to Use Chupa Panza Tea

To get the best results with this gut slimmer tea, it’s important to know how to take it, so you can reap the health benefits and achieve your weight loss goals.

The directions on the package recommend drinking one cup of tea a day, preferably at night. The first time you use it, you should start with a half cup and ramp up. The capsules are also made to be taken once a day.

For both the tea and the capsules, you should make sure you are well hydrated. The package advises at least 2 liters of water daily along with physical activity for the best results in your weight loss journey.

The Takeaway: Is Chupa Panza Effective?

Since the ingredients in chupa panza tea have been widely studied to be beneficial and not harmful, adding a simple cup of this detox tea to your evening routine is worth a try. Just make sure to drink enough water, get regular physical activity and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

And you may want to stick close to the bathroom until you know for sure how this popular tea from Mexico will affect your digestive tract.

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