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What is Silver Needle Tea?

One of the many reasons to enjoy tea is the sheer variety of the beverage that is available from around the world. In fact, you may have heard of silver needle tea and have begun to wonder why it has become so popular. This is a special type of tea that has become well known across the globe, so it is important to understand why. 

Silver Needle Tea comes from the Fujian Province of China. It is largely considered to be the purest of the white teas from the region, with a light flavor and fruity overtones. Because it is a white tea, it is only lightly oxidized during processing.

While Silver Needle Tea originates in China, you can now find it sold all over the globe. If you are interested in learning more about its origin and why it should be included in your own cabinet, continue reading. You will learn about the buds that go into making this white tea and also discover how to brew it properly. 

silver needle white tea

What Does Silver Needle Tea Taste Like?

Silver Needle Tea is a bit complex in its structure, with the flavor being on the light side. Depending on how strong it is brewed, it will have a combination of fruity, floral, herbal, and grassy overtones to its taste. With a light to medium texture, it has a crisp overall taste to it. 

Many people have remarked that Silver Needle Tea has a subtle and calm taste about it. While the flavor is not strong, it does provide a great deal of energy based on the amount of caffeine contained in each cup. With its juicy taste, it has a unique flavor that separates it from other varieties of white tea on the market. 

What is the Function of the Buds in Silver Needle Tea?

Silver Needle Tea is considered to be a high grade white tea because it is made solely with its buds. This is different from other white teas that are brewed with both the tea buds and leaves intact. The buds are the youngest part of the plant and are where most of the good flavonoids in tea live. 

The interesting thing about Silver Needle Tea buds is that they are extremely small. One must pick literally thousands of them just to make a kilo of the tea. While this adds to the unique flavor of Silver Needle Tea, it also explains why it has become so expensive to buy and make. 

How Much Caffeine is in Silver Needle Tea?

Silver Needle Tea has one of the highest caffeine content per cup of any white tea being brewed today. Since white teas generally have less caffeine than other types of tea, that highlights the fact that Silver Needle will give white tea lovers the energy that they crave in the morning. 

silver needle is a rare white tea

How Should Silver Needle Tea be Brewed? 

Water slightly below boiling should be used to brew Silver Needle Tea. While many believe that the hot water will harm the small tea buds, the opposite is actually true. The tea buds are incredibly resilient, but the good flavor lies underneath. It takes some incredibly hot water to bring it out. 

You will want to steep the tea for longer than other white teas, about 5 minutes, in order to bring out all of the flavors. Each bud seems to have something special residing inside, so giving them all the time that they need to react with the water will do your taste buds wonders once the tea is finally ready. 

How is Silver Needle Tea Different From Other Teas?

Silver Needle Tea has even more pure taste and a light flavor profile than white teas are already known for. This tea seems to take that to an entirely new level by adding plenty of caffeine and some L-theanine content. Even though it only uses tea buds, it is also very easy to brew with hot water. 

Some tea aficionados have noted that Silver Needle Tea is not quite as strong as other Chinese white teas. That makes it a perfect choice for individuals looking for something a bit more subtle from their tea. 

What Are Other Names for Silver Needle Tea?

Silver Needle Tea is also called White Hair Silver Needle Tea and Yinzhen tea.

Silver Needle Tea Is a Special White Tea

Now that you know more about Silver Needle Tea, it is time to brew yourself a cup so you can taste it for yourself. This is a special beverage that should give you that pick me up you crave in the mornings. Once you try it, you will discover why the Chinese have held this white tea so close to their heart for many centuries. 

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What is silver needle tea